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Article Feedback Page - Move the 'Hidden' and 'Deleted' buttons in tools panel
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Let's move the 'Hidden' and 'Deleted' buttons to the top of the tools panel, above 'Show this post'. This will solve the line wrap problem brought up by Reha and also puts the label where roll backers need to see it. I realize this will add a line to these posts, but this will be the exception rather than the rule, and only affects roll backers and above. It may no longer be necessary to highlight them in red. Also, if adding (oversight) causes a line wrap, we could remove it for now and just say 'Deleted.'

If there is room, perhaps we could put labels in between parenthesis for now, as so:

Show this post


Show this post

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yoni wrote:

According to Fabrice, another option is to add these notification above the post item.