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Article Feedback Page - 'Flag as abuse' labels and counters
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When any user clicks on 'Flag as abuse', the label should change to 'Flagged as abuse' -- and the counter is increased by one. But the counter is never shown to readers and editors without access to tools.

Only show counters for 'Flagged as abuse' to rollbackers, reviewers, administrators or overnighters and show them in both 'Flag and 'Flagged' states.

Note that the second time any user clicks on the toggled 'Flagged as abuse' link, the link name reverts to 'Flag as abuse' and the counter is decreased by one, and only shown to 'trusted editors', but still not shown to anyone else.

If there is time, consider adding a small flag icon to the left of this link when it is in 'Flagged as abuse' state. Sean had a nice flag icon from the first mockups which we could re-use for this.

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Severity: enhancement



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greg wrote:

Fixed in r110421