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Inconsistent date display on watchlist between midnight and 1AM
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Steps to reproduce

Set your timezone to GMT+1 and have edits on your watchlist that only happened during midnight and 1AM of any day and try to view watchlist on android app. This bug can also be observed when viewing the watchlist outside this timeframe. The right date is shown as soon as there is another edit outside this timeframe.

Expected results

The correct date for each chunk of edits is displayed.

Actual results

The edits are correctly split into chunks by day but the date of the latest day is wrong.
see screenshot:

Screenshot_20240325-002629~2.png (1×720 px, 142 KB)

Environments observed

App version: 2.7.50479-r-2024-03-21
Android OS versions: 13
Device model: Nokia G50
Device language: German
Timezone: UTC+1

Event Timeline

Can we also check edit patrol

Only Watchlist uses a specific method that show the short date string in UTC timezone.

Hi @ABorbaWMF

If you have trouble reproducing and testing the issue, here I can provide some steps while fixing the issue.

  1. Set your device time zone to Germany (GMT +2 instead of GMT +1)
  2. Add both and to your watchlist.
  3. Make sure close and open the app to make sure the time is applied correctly.