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Unable to View Error List on Night Mode Checker
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User Story:

As a contributor aiming to resolve problems, I encounter difficulty accessing the list of errors on the Night Mode Checker tool. When attempting to view the error list at, I find that the list is collapsed by default. Moreover, when I click on specific error links such as "Main_Page - Total Errors: 12", the Cloud Services tool immediately redirects to the Main Page, obscuring the error list. This behavior hinders my ability to address errors effectively, as I am unable to access the necessary information. (Original Comment)

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Navigate to
  2. Observe the collapsed list of errors.
  3. Click on a specific error link (e.g., "Main_Page - Total Errors: 12").
  4. Note the redirects to the Main Page, preventing access to the error list.

Resolution Suggestion:

  • Implement a UI improvement to prevent immediate redirection when clicking on error links.
  • Ensure that the error list is readily accessible without interference from other pages.
  • Consider enhancing the usability of the Night Mode Checker tool to streamline the error resolution process for contributors. (Spin-Off Ticket)

Additional Comments:
It's worth noting that while expanding the error list by clicking outside of the links or using the right-click option to open in a new tab provides a workaround, these methods are not intuitive and may cause confusion for users. Moreover, the usefulness of the error list out of context is limited. It is recommended to explore alternative solutions, such as utilizing browser extensions for pages with a high number of errors, to enhance the efficiency of error resolution efforts.

Event Timeline

The following questions structured around the 5W1H model can help gather more context and understand the requirements:

  1. What specific UI changes are proposed to improve accessibility to the error list in night mode?
  2. Why do current interactions lead to redirection rather than displaying the error details?
  3. Who primarily uses the Night Mode Checker, and how will these changes benefit them?
  4. Where in the codebase can the proposed UI improvements be implemented for optimal effect?
  5. When is the target completion date for these improvements to ensure minimal disruption to users?
  6. How can the tool's usability be enhanced beyond the immediate fixes to prevent redirections, considering the broader user experience?
Jdlrobson lowered the priority of this task from High to Medium.Wed, Apr 3, 6:27 AM

Seems like is probably the best way to do this.
@ovasileva I disagree this is high and have lowered to medium priority. I think this has only be flagged as an issue from one person and it's not interfering with editor's ability to actually solve issues.

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