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Article Feedback Page - Flag as abuse counter shows very large numbers
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Author: yoni

Screenshot for the bug

When 'Flag as abuse' is repeatedly clicked, the counter shows unreasonably large numbers.

Version: unspecified
Severity: normal




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yoni wrote:

not easily reproducible on local due to fast turnaround.
problem can be avoided by disabling the link until AJAX call returns.

yoni wrote:

When clicking multiple times, instead of large numbers a (-1) is displayed.
Same bug?

greg wrote:

Added variable in js to disable new "flag feedback" ajax requests while waiting for an existing ajax request to return. Should cut down on multiple submissions interfering with each other, which appears to have been causing the issue with insanely high abuse counts (Not actually sure, since I wasn't able to duplicate that exact issue, though I was able to get the abuse count to be -1). May also fix 34131.