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Make SurveyCop bot more robust and possibly agnostic to the Survey
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SurveyCop is the bot that translcudes proposals to the category pages as they are created.

Side note: "SurveyCop" is a terrible name – the bot does police anything!

The bot is written in NodeJS and largely works well. However, after a while (maybe a few days) it will usually choke and die. An automatic restart will kick it back into order, but during that brief bit of downtime it relies on a secondary bot (see T361067 for the rewrite on it) to rescue any proposals that it missed.

The bot should be made more resilient. Additionally, it could be written to be agnostic to the Community Wishlist Survey, as many projects have workflows that involve creating a page and translcuding it somewhere. For example, see step 3 of where users are expected to transclude the page manually. A general-purpose auto-translcusion bot would be beneficial to larger Wikimedia movement.

Acceptance criteria

  • The bot should not die so easily, or at least recover gracefully without worry of pages that it may have missed during the downtime.
  • Possibly merge all functionality into the primary survey bot as part of T361067

Bonus points

If there's time and will…

  • Make it agnostic to the survey. This would entail having it use a configuration which defines the behaviour (i.e. transclude pages created under A to page B following some formula)

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FYI AfD already has Cyberbot I working as an auto-transclusion bot.

Not necessary as the new intake form will save the page where it needs to go, as well as update any transclusions as necessary. Any manually created wishes can be picked up by the bot.