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Wire EditAttemptStepEvent for undo and rollback actions
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The current diff screen only logs the undo/rollback events for Patroller Tasks.

This task is to add EditAttemptStepEvent for undo and rollback actions.

This ticket will introduce the new editor_interface: undo and rollback
This will use the other editor_interface to log undo/rollback action. If we want a different editor_interface, then we will need to update the schema.

When entering the diff screen

When clicking on the "Undo" button

When the undo/rollback dialog is shown

Undo/rollback action executed successfully

Undo/rollback action failed

@SNowick_WMF Please let me know if you want to use other editor_interface.

Event Timeline

This looks good - we can use other or wikitext for editor_interface where appropriate.

Hi @ABorbaWMF

Please use the dev APK to test

Live streaming

Please make sure to set the "Event platform batch size" to 1
Settings -> Developer settings -> inside "Logging" section -> Event platform batch size