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Establish subdomain
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For marketing reasons and information architecture clarity it seems useful to add a subdomain for our design system Codex.
The current content on is highly disturbing, it’s only understandable for tech-savvy folks. On the other hand, is not crystal clear/any more self-explaining as virtual root of the Codex docs either.

Open questions

  1. Evaluate as alternative to
  2. Should this forward to or be self-contained?



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@Volker_E I'll send you an invite to our office hours to discuss this.

@Volker_E re this ticket and your slack message:

It's not fully clear what problem you try to solve. What content should be served under In theory we could implement all of that, a dedicated DNS entry, redirects, another lading page at

So you problem is is not a good landing page and you also don't like as the landing page? We could add some small lading page to the existing design miscweb sites at But then codex would run partly in miscweb and partly in docs hosts and you have to maintain both pages and make sure they link to each other. I don't like the idea of splitting the service and run it on two different platforms.

We could also try to make the root page of more user friendly, for example like or which most likely requires some work to setup redirects on the doc hosts. Then would serve the content which is visible on now. However for most other projects on Doc hosts the setup is similar and you have to choose the version/tag/branch first to find the correct documentation. So users know this behavior.

Lastly we could add another DNS entry But it's not clear how that should be used. Should this just forward to Or do you want to host all codex docs under Should it just serve a smaller codex landingpage?

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