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[Regression] Mass patrol isn't working
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Originally reported by Noé at on 25 March 2024:


French Wiktionary patrol rely on RTRC, and we usually succeed to review every recent changes. Sadly, Mass patrol isn't working anymore for about a month. It is unclear why, but it just mark one edit and do not follow on. It was very used to clear a lot of edit by a new editors that got it right but was too fresh. Our main patroller is about to quit for this reason, so if you have some fix, it will be greatly appreciated!

Anyway, thanks a lot for this tool!

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Krinkle triaged this task as High priority.Thu, Mar 28, 8:40 PM
@Krinkle commented on 25 March 2024:

Mass patrol appears to work for me on

Last month there was a regression in MediaWiki, which caused RTRC to be unable to find the patrol link. This was reported at, but solved in Phabricator at T357693. No changes in RTRC caused or fixed the issue.

In the last two weeks, I believe it has been working again. Can you confirm this? What happens when you try to use Mass Patrol? Can you show a screenshot?

Sinfadiel wrote on 25 March 2024:

Well, it stopped around the 14th of February, sounds right. I saw the phab ticket, but I am not convince it is related. In French Wiktionary, a lot of people use Timeless and Vector2010 is not that much altered. I will investigate for eventual problems related to the skin. Anyway, I am using Vector 2020.

When I start a Mass patrol, lines switches to green but their status is not changed, they stay marked.
{F43693180 height=200}

In French Wiktionary, Patroller is a status obtained by an election but if you need, we can skip the procedure and give you the user rights in order to test by yourself on this specific project.