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Finalize Data platform "Publish data" landing page
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Steps to publishing:

  • Complete draft
  • Share draft for DPE teams / stakeholder feedback (Deadline: April 29 )
  • Feedback provided by DPE teams / stakeholders (Deadline: May 6)
  • Feedback integrated into draft
  • Draft published at (this step will be delayed until all other landing pages are also ready to publish) -------------------------------------------

Draft of this page:

Deadline to provide feedback: May 6
Specific feedback requested is listed on the Talk page:

This page is part of a set of new landing pages for the Data Platform docs on Wikitech. See parent task T350914 for more context and links to the other landing page tracking tasks.

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Status update: draft completed and shared with DPE teams for input and feedback.

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Met with @mpopov to get feedback on this page; need to have another discussion and implement some content changes:

  • Turnilo is more of a tool for end-users; the primary audience of this doc (analysts and data eng team members) would be more likely to need documentation about how to get data into Druid so that end-users can interact with it via Turnilo (and Superset, but that's a separate topic)
  • The conceptual difference between "collecting data / generating new datasets" and "publishing data" is ambiguous. Need to figure out what aligns best with how the teams use the docs; maybe the "Publish data" landing page covers all types of dataset generation and curation that isn't instrumentation-specific? Maybe there should just be one landing page for creating new data sources and generating tables/reports/dashboards that are derived from existing data sources, including event data and instrumentation? Is there a useful distinction (for the docs navigation) between ad-hoc dataset and report creation, recurring/standard report or metrics generation, and "official" data pipelines that generate canonical datasets?

After a review session with DPE on 5/14, I have overhauled the page content at It now includes some of the content for "Collect data" tasks, which may actually end up eliminating the need for that fourth landing page altogether. I've shared the revised draft of the landing page for another round of review, with a summary of the changes. Next review sessions is scheduled for 5/21.

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Page published at The team agreed it's okay to publish with some existing TODOs, because work on much of the data lifecycle and governance documentation is still ongoing.