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Enable Content and Section translation on Wikipedias without current machine translation support to facilitate the support in the future
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All Wikipedias identified as part of the Boost initiative already have Section Translation available. This ticket proposes to enable the tool on other Wikipedias as well as enable Content Translation as a default tool to facilitate translation on both desktop and mobile devices.

This ticket proposes to enable translation tools in a set of languages that currently lack machine translaiton support. Often this is due to the lack of parallel data to train translation models for those languages. Considering that making translations of Wikipedia articles is a way to generate such parallel corpora, we consider that making translation tools more visible can be beneficial for those languages.

Even if the lack of current machine translation support requires an additional manual effort, Content translation still helps to facilitate the process (e.g., linking to corresponding articles) in the short term. In the long term, incentivizing the creation of good quality parallel corpora will contribute to better translation models.

These are the languages selected for this task:

  1. ia - Interlingua
  2. pnb - Western Punjabi
  3. io - Ido
  4. nap - Neapolitan
  5. map-bms - Banyumasan
  6. rue - Rusyn
  7. gd - Scottish Gaelic
  8. pms - Piedmontese
  9. xmf - Mingrelian
  10. vo - Volapük
  11. eml - Emiliano-Romagnolo
  12. diq - Zazaki
  13. vls - West Flemish
  14. nds - Low Saxon
  15. hsb - Upper Sorbian
  16. lad - Ladino
  17. cdo - Min Dong Chinese
  18. hak - Hakka Chinese
  19. bat-smg/sgs - Samogitian
  20. frr - Northern Frisian
  21. ie - Interlingue
  22. bpy - Bishnupriya
  23. pcd - Picard
  24. vep - Veps
  25. pdc - Pennsylvania German
  26. mwl - Mirandese
  27. glk - Gilaki
  28. lrc - Northern Luri
  29. lez - Lezghian
  30. dsb - Lower Sorbian


  • Enable selected wikis on Test Wikipedia
  • Communicate with the communities.
  • Enable Content and Section translation in the corresponding wikis