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Enable WebFonts for
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Author: abhivasishtaa

The Sanskrit Wikisource doesnot have various input fonts that the other sister projects in Sanskrit Language has. I request you to add the input fonts to the as soon as possible.

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abhivasishtaa wrote:

The Narayam fonts are already installed and we are able to type in the various fonts available but the different fonts are absent... Check out the attachments where the difference can be found....

abhivasishtaa wrote:

This image shows the absence of different font styles required at sa-ws


font.JPG (68×872 px, 25 KB)

abhivasishtaa wrote:

This image shows the presence of different font types in sa-wb


fonts.JPG (77×718 px, 23 KB)

Looks like you're mixing up things when you write "Narayam fonts". There are two extensions:

According to, Narayam is enabled. So this issue is a request to enable WebFonts.

We understand the requirements. Please expect the functionality to be enabled between 18:00 and 19:00 UTC on Monday March 5, 2012.