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Clarify meaning of project tag
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The project is currently ambiguous between two meanings:

These are very different – only a tiny amount of the functionality on the website comes from the extension. (I’m also not quite sure what “Problems with the website” entails; judging by the second sentence, “Problems with the Wikibase software itself should be filed under the corresponding MediaWiki-extensions-Wikibase… and Wikibase-… projects”, it might be intended to exclude Wikibase issues? So the scope would be on-wiki content, things like broken main page layout?)

We should decide which of these meanings the project actually represents, document this more clearly (probably rename the project as well), and maybe create another project for the other part, if that’s needed.

Event Timeline

The goal was to handle issues specific to the website like configuration changes and other stuff that doesn't apply to other Wikibase instances.

My two cents:

We definitely need some project for the extension – we don’t touch it very often, but we still get tasks for it occasionally. To avoid confusion due to the extension name, that project should be called something like “ extension”, and its project description should probably include a bunch of “you might be looking for X instead”-style links :)

I’m not sure if we need a project for tasks related to the website beyond Wikidata … I guess in part that’s down to the community, whether they want to use Phabricator for tracking their work or not. If we want a project like that, “ website” or “ content” might be a clearer name.

I haven’t checked which meaning matches more of the existing tasks, so I don’t have an opinion on which meaning we should pick for the existing project and which one we should create a new project for.

I would like us to keep the current one for the website as it's being used for that by at least me and a number of editors. If we want we can create a new one for the extension.