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Clear contents ability in addition to delete box ability in Special:PageMigration
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Feature summary:

It would be helpful if, in addition to the existing "delete" option on Special:PageMigration, you could just "clear contents" and not delete the box itself.

Use cases:

There are times when you are migrating content with lingering English content. Sometimes that content is properly placed such that you do not want to "delete" it (which then moves all boxes below it down) - but just clear it.


This can be done manually, either by deleting and then reinserting a blank box - or by just selecting all text and deleting it within the box. However, an additional "clear contents" button would be helpful and speed things up sometimes.

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Change #1019011 had a related patch set uploaded (by Wangombe; author: Wangombe):

[mediawiki/extensions/Translate@master] PageMigration: Add feature to clear contents

As a prototype, I have a WIP patch that accomplishes this functionality. The buttons, in my opinion, seem a bit much but may be necessary in their layout. (Ignore the color of the icon, I think a monochrome version of it would be ideal). Additionally, I'd like @Nikerabbit , @Pginer-WMF to weigh in on this layout.

image.png (937×981 px, 54 KB)

As the list of actions has grown, I wonder if a drop-down select element would provide the necessary visual appeal (at the risk of increasing number of click per action) while encasing these actions.

It’s very unclear to me which icon means what. I’d probably put the clear button within the textarea, similarly to how Codex does with text inputs (although Codex itself doesn’t support the clear icon on text areas).

I like the idea of having the clear icon inside the textarea like Tacsipacsi suggested