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Deploy the AutoModerator extension to production (testwiki, idwiki)
Open, Needs TriagePublic



Preparing for deployment
  • Create a deployment tracking task - checklist recursion!
  • Passed reviews:
  • Deploy to beta
    • Add extension submodule to the mediawiki/extensions repo
    • Move CI config to "Wikimedia production" section
    • Add extension to the make-wmf-branch release tool
    • Add extension to extension-list
    • Add config variables to wikimedia-config
  • Make sure extension is automatically branched by make-wmf-branch
  • Write config patches
  • Request a dedicated deployment window
  • Schedule the config patches for deployment


The extension should be enabled on testwiki and idwiki.

Event Timeline

jsn.sherman renamed this task from Deploy the CampaignEvents extension to production (testwiki, idwiki) to Deploy the AutoModerator extension to production (testwiki, idwiki).Tue, Apr 2, 8:20 PM