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Community consultation: Growth + Editing team's annual plan (2024-2025, WE1.2)
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User story & summary:

As a Wikipedia editor interested in new editor onboarding and retention, I want to know about FY24/25 WE1.2 projects, because then I can offer my feedback and insight.


The Growth-Team & Editing-team will work on projects related to WE1.2:

Key Result:
Constructive Activation: #% YoY increase in the percentage of newcomers who publish ≥1 constructive edit in the main namespace on a mobile device. (T360829: WE 1.2: Establish baseline for constructive activation)

Key Result context
Current full-page editing experiences require too much context, patience, and trial and error for many newcomers to contribute constructively. To support a new generation of volunteers, we will increase the number and availability of smaller, structured, and more task-specific editing workflows (E.g. Edit Check and Structured Tasks).

Current Projects / Hypotheses:


Acceptance Criteria:
  • Work with Editing and Growth Product Managers on an Annual Plan page (should there be one page for the KR or one page for each team?)
  • Draft communication strategy
  • Create follow-up tasks for executing the communication strategy

Event Timeline

Blocked until after the initial WMF annual plan consultation, and the initial hypotheses are drafted.