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Improve accessibility of sidebar cards
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Currently the screen reader focuses on them unintentionally when the donor is tabbing through the page. They should be skipped by either moving them to CSS or adding the aria-hidden attribute.

Acceptance Criteria

  • The headlines should follow semantic markup and use h2 tags.
  • Sidebar title icons are ignored by screen readers.

More sidebar related issues in T361817: Improve screen reader compatibility regarding numbers in the sidebar

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If you update the content it shoudl also read the phone number as digits.

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deployed ( sidebar-accessibility-improvements / main ) to

In Abban's opinion the headlines in the sidebar (and form) should be black (#000),
instead of the gray (#363636) from our design ( which is also used in the navigation bar and was previously used in the form headers/questions ).

Please have a look if you agree while acceptance testing

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