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Qualifiers, References and Statements without best rank are not loaded into queryservice
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The service is not working perfectly: qualifiers and references aren't loaded in the query service, as well as statements not having best rank.

As a check: using you get 21 results among which there are no references or qualifiers; however, contains 1 qualifier and 2 references. Moreover, the item contains 1 property with two values, one in preferred rank and one in normal rank, but in the query only the value in preferred rank is shown, the other is completely ignored.

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Hey I'm trying to understand your report but I'm not sure I fully understand your expected output of this query:


What you would expect? What I see is 21 results including 7 triples with a* predicate:

For working with non-truthy statements as well as references and qualifiers you need to use these.

For example you can then see this here DESCRIBE <>

I think this is behaving exactly the same as on Wikidata but I'm going to reach out to a colleague to check that is the case

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Hey, I talked this over with some WMDE people and we confirmed we couldn't see any data missing.

Here's a query they helpfully wrote to showcase this nicer than my describes: sparql

Please reopen if you think I'm mistaken :)

I confirm, it was my mistake; no triple is missing from the query service right now; thanks for the correct query and excuse for the disturb!

@Epidosis No worries! as you can see I wasn't 100% certain what it should be like either :)