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Skipped item IDs in Wikibase Cloud when an item creation made through QuickStatements fails
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Steps to replicate the issue (include links if applicable):

  • in an instance X of Wikibase Cloud create a new item A
  • open QuickStatements of the same instance X and log in
  • write down (in either V1 or CSV syntax) a command to create a new item which is surely wrong (e.g. an item containing a statement with a string value applied to a property having datatype item) and run it, obtaining an obvious error
  • in the same instance X create a new item B

What happens?:

  • item A is QN and item B is QN+2

What should have happened instead?:

  • item B should have been item QN+1 (but QN+1 has been skipped due to the failed item creation through QuickStatements; this item ID should not have been skipped)

Precisation: the item ID is skipped only if the creation of the item failed because the item contains invalid data; if the creation of the item fails because the login in QuickStatements has expired, no item ID is skipped

For the general issue of skipped item IDs in Wikidata see T44362 - probably, more specifically, T264449

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Does the hole in the sequence of IDs create any problems further down the line for you other than IDs not being as predictable as they could be?

Effectively no (at least as of now), the only problem I see is "IDs not being as predictable as they could be".