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[Hackathon session] Browser testing with Cypress
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Browser testing with Cypress

  • Session description:

The WMDE-TechWish team started playing with Cypress browser tests in one of our current projects. In this session we want to give a quick overview on how that was going, what we see as pros and cons and share our knowledge from that ( somewhat ongoing ) experiment.

  • Session duration: 25min
  • Session type: Short presentation, Q/A, discussion
  • Language of session: English
  • Prerequisites: Basic understanding of browser tests might be useful. Working local setup if you want to play a bit with the tooling.

Scheduled in room Macao on Friday 2pm

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Notes from session:

Browser testing with Cypress

Date and time: 2024-05-03 14:00

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@[[phab:p/WMDE-Fisch/|WMDE-Fisch]] & @[[phab:p/MareikeHeuerWMDE/|MareikeHeuerWMDE]]



  • Test pyramid
    • Test automation strategy
    • Hierarchical distribution of tests
      • Unit
      • Integration
      • E2E tests (validate user journey) - slower
    • Getting thorough coverage while efficiently using execution time
  • Browser tests
    • Validation from a user persepective
    • Across different browsers and devices
    • Important user workflows
    • Purpose: validation of user workflows, quality assurance
  • Current state
    • Selenium
      • We use Selenium JS webdriver
      • Mocha testing framework
      • assert library for assertions
      • We have our own selenium library to help selenium testing with mediawiki
  • What is Cypress?
    • All in one JS E2E testing framework
    • Runs in same browser as application
    • Functionalities like real-time debugging, auto waits, DOM manipulation
  • Cypress vs. Selenium
    • Cypress runs in browser; Selenium client-server
    • Cypress async by default (auto wait); Selenium waits rely on more explicit waits
    • Cypress only JS; Selenium supports multiple languages
    • Cypress faster; Selenium speed affected by network latency
    • Cypress has a time-travel feature; Selenium relies on traditional logging
  • Cypress vs. Selenium code
    • They look very similar
    • Cypress does not need explicit "await"s
  • Comparison
    • Selenium
      • needs more dependencies
      • better browser interaction with webdriver
      • need to manually wait for elements
      • cli debugging
      • easy parallisation
      • lots of example code
    • cypress
      • See slides
  • Learnings
    • Easy to setup
    • Worked flawlessly with CI
    • Straightforward debugging
    • Easy for less experienced developers
    • Nice way to trigger re-runs
    • Easy to setup screenshots and video
  • Struggles
    • Missing helpers
    • No support for mouse interaction
      • e.g. cannot test popups/tooltips
    • No support for copy and paste


  • Can this run on production?
    • Yes, in theory, but not at the moment
  • Which projects use this?
    • ...
    • In phabricator, search for "cypress" for a task that lists projects using cypress
  • How do you start Cypress
    • Cite extension has "npm run cypress:open"
  • Where does it run in CI?
    • Jenkins - existing MW CI


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