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Add label to the message bundles created from WikiLearn
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Since the current implementation of message bundles creates one component per course, its difficult for translators to identify what they need to translate for a particular course. Adding a label to the message bundles would allow them to search for and translate all components associated with a course.

Consult and help the Edly team to add labels to message bundles created for WikiLearn.


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abi_ changed the task status from Open to In Progress.Apr 18 2024, 4:03 PM

Had a call with the Edly team on 19th April regarding this topic. Discussed if they have any questions, and what the format for the label should be.

Some screenshots by Edly from the DEV server of message bundles with labels:

image.png (732×2 px, 144 KB)

image.png (618×2 px, 107 KB)

The initial version of this feature was deployed, but we noticed an improvement that could be made to the labels by prefixing all of them with "WikiLearn -". This would display them together in the group selector.

Waiting for final deployment of this feature this week.

All WikiLearn courses now have a label that make them easier to co-related with courses on the Edly platform

image.png (597×811 px, 83 KB)