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[beta project] Set up search (tracking)
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That is a work in progress. I am currently focusing on that. Will hopefully open a bunch of dependent bug tomorrow.

Got it mostly running. Still have to get the index to be build for all wikis. That needs a new ticket and have to work on the lsearch-global.conf.

Prefix search seems to work for enwiki:

hashar@deployment-bastion:~$ curl -i ''
HTTP/1.1 200 OK
Content-Type: text/plain

#info prefix=[] in 22 ms
#no suggestion
#interwiki 0 0
#results 10
3.0 0 Front_ensemble
3.0 0 Facet
2.0 0 Francisco_Goya
2.0 0 Fanfare_band
2.0 0 Feral_cat
1.0 0 Flora_and_Maria
1.0 0 Felinus_and_Gratian
1.0 0 Free_content
1.0 0 Follow-the-leader
1.0 0 Forty_Martyrs_of_England_and_Wales

Actually, Search seems to not be working through the UI at least, and Mobile reports the same thing, see screen shot.

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search in UI no results


Screen_shot_2013-03-21_at_11.16.10_AM.png (240×1 px, 64 KB)

Chris, please fill a new bug report. This bug is the tracking one :-]

Chad and Nik have migrated beta to CirrusSearch extension which uses an
ElasticSearch backend. Hence this Lucene search bug is no more valid :-)

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