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Remove submit button when nothing to submit
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It's only when there are search results that there's anything to submit, and in the other cases (when the item is already linked, or there are no search results) the submit button doesn't make any sense. It is disabled, but there's no action that the user can take that will enable it.

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The 'no results found' state should perhaps keep the submit button, because after T362592 is done there will be something to submit (or at least the user has the possibility of changing something that'll enable the submit button). So it's just the 'already linked' state that shouldn't have the submit button, it looks like.

To me, this is actually better UX. A submit button should be disabled until there's relevant content.

@JWheeler-WMF Do you mean you don't think it should be removed when the dialog is in the "information-only" state?