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Growth team product KPI Grafana dashboard has `update_` task type, which does not exist
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This is present in the Growth team product KPI dashboard. This is happening, because at one point in the past, there was an entry logged for update_, which was not deleted. We should request deletion from SREs (see

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@Urbanecm_WMF I can follow up with SRE on this if it's just requesting a deletion.

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Please delete the metric MediaWiki.jawiki.GrowthExperiments.NewcomerTask.update_.* from Graphite.

This was a mistake and there is only one single event from January 2023 from jawiki for it, but it is causing permanent noise on our main KPI dashboard.

NOTE: The metric to be deleted has a trailing underscore: update_. There also exists the correct metric without that underscore and that must remain.

Mentioned in SAL (#wikimedia-operations) [2024-06-12T10:23:42Z] <godog> remove MediaWiki.jawiki.GrowthExperiments.NewcomerTask.update_.* from graphite hosts - T362633

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{{done}}; resolving though reopen if sth is amiss

{{done}}; resolving though reopen if sth is amiss

Thank you 🙏