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(un)categorization actions should get logged
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Author: a.d.bergi

There was a request to have a log page for categorization actions (filterable by category). This would allow

  • a page list ordered by time of categorization
  • better overview of the category, just like a watchlist - just like a sort of history
  • see from which edit (and page) a category comes

Of course there is already Special:RecentChangesLinked, but this has the drawback of not listing pages that got unkategorized.
Removing categories is not trackable yet, and I think a new log type "categorization" with actions "remove" and "add" could help. Of course, one edit could lead to many logevents, each for one different category. I'm not sure whether logging is the best way to handle that, but there should be something like that. Also, changes to templates could init a series of events to transcluding pages - which would allow us to see which page is to edit when we want to change/remove a transcluded category.

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Severity: enhancement



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Of course, one
edit could lead to many logevents, each for one different category

Even more so, imagine you added a category to a template used on 100000 pages, thats 100 000 log events... (and there are templates used on even larger amounts of pages. Not to mention its kind of hard to determine who added/removed a category if it was added by a template [heck category add/remove events need not even happen during an edit. Can sometimes happen at other times (but that's very rare)

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