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Admins should set a "reason" for creating a block
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Since admins can edit or remove blocks, they need contextual information as to why a block was created in the first place.

user story
As an admin, I want to offer a reason for making a block, so that other admins have the context they need to make blocking decisions about a target.

requirements / acceptance criteria
Given that I'm an admin creating a block, when I want to create context for the block, then I should see a dropdown, and when I select it, I should

  • see a range of reasons to select
  • be able to write another reason for the block
  • reason is required; users need to write in the "other' category or select from the dropdown. If it is not selected, show an error state on submission

The component should look and feel as defined in Figma file

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Let's break this into a few subtasks.

  • Grab and Parse data to populate the dropdown
  • Create the "other" text field, which should always be enabled
  • Save the data
  • Form validation for the reason field (which should also inform how we implement + plan validation on the rest of the form)