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Merging oddity
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Amber successfully captured the pop-up message that reads 'failed to geocode the address, no coordinates saved,' which appears after certain merges. In this specific instance, the merge was executed on CID 30033774. I'm sharing this in case this is something that needs attention!

Screenshot 2024-04-18 at 1.30.48 PM.png (140×490 px, 16 KB)

Event Timeline

Update: Another odd behavior has come up with a merge 'Could Not Find Valid Value for CID'. On the bright side, the merge happened as anticipated, CID 63239146, and in case this helps, after a quick Civi forum search I found that others have encountered the same issue but when creating an event.

Screenshot 2024-04-19 at 1.18.59 PM.png (125×461 px, 14 KB)

Update: This issue seems to have been solved!