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Catalyst API updates status of newly created environment to "running"
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Currently, a freshly created env is set to "starting" and a response is returned to the client without verifying whether the helm deployment succeeded. The env status never transitions to "running". The goal of this task is to check that the K8s deployment was successful and update the env status accordingly to either "running" or "failed".

The most straightforward route seems to be to spawn a goroutine right after the K8s deployment starts that takes care of updating the status.

It's also possible the helm API accepts callbacks that act as hooks on deployment completion, although what I've seen so far doesn't look promising. The library's philosophy seems to be to have a 1-to-1 correspondence between the command line interface and the programming API.


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update environment status after Helm deploymentrepos/qte/catalyst/catalyst-api!18jnucheT362964main
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