Do not escape some entities used in pipe-separator in Special:Contributions


When MediaWiki:pipe-separator contains ​ (zero-width space: code 8203) , Special:Contributions escapes and shows the code itself instead of the space.

An example is where MediaWiki:Pipe-separator is "​|​". (although this wiki is 1.20alpha, I confirmed in the Wikimedia deployment wiki as well)

Possibly other codes are affected by the same problem.

Version: 1.18.x
Severity: normal

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Note that it does this only for the sequence of messages which is (histlast)(pipe-separator)(histfirst) and not on the individual lines which are (diff)(pipe-separator)(hist) (Message sequences from uselang=qqx)

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Just to add:

  • An obvious work around is not to use character reference by the numerical code, and use the character directly. This is not very useful when you want to zero-width space, however.
  • Some character references are not affected by this problem as seen in the English Wikipedia's configuration, which uses   and  .
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(In reply to comment #2)

Right, in fact, I'm not sure *why* these are affected. From looking at the code,   is treated just like ​

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