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Jazz up the mailcheck.js suggestion text
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Michael mentioned on the fraud call that dLocal had received a batch of donations with incorrectly typed email addresses through our forms. Some were using common provider domains such as We have a script on the front-end form to suggest email domain typo fixes, but it could be more prominent when activated. This might help reduce the issue.
Currently, the suggestion text looks like this:

image.png (902×461 px, 46 KB)

Let's spice it up and make it look like this:

image.png (902×461 px, 51 KB)

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AKanji-WMF added subscribers: spatton, AKanji-WMF.

@spatton this seems appropriate for me to bring to the weekly design call?

Sure @AKanji-WMF looks like a great task. Though I say just ship the flames, it's fail-proof :)

I added it to the design call agenda for May 8.

Dwisehaupt set the point value for this task to 2.May 13 2024, 8:27 PM