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Very Small GLAM: importing ontologies/vocabularies into Wikibase and Wikidata
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This hacking session scope is the domain of the Small GLAM Slam pilot 1 project.

What is the plan?: experiment in mapping and importing to Wikibase some ontologies of the project interest. Particularly:

  • CIDOC-CRM, and specially its profiles CRMdig, CRMsoc and a new one for archives mapping with RiC-CM
  • SEMAT Essence

Some tools to be used are software products like Protégé, MagicDraw and Fuseki. Also we'll experiment with existing importing scripts from SAF-Lux and GeoKB projects.

The scope is not restricted to the said ontologies. Experiments are welcomed if they contribute to mastering the practices and tools. For example, the ESCO ontology and database could be useful for this and other Wikimedia initiatives.

Related information about ontologies for archives.