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Fundraising access request for KMorrow
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This is a new access request for @KMorrow-WMF. They require the following access: (mark each box with an x)

  • civicrm web access
    • standard access
    • donor services access
  • ssh access - if specific hosts: frdev1001
  • mysql - if specific hosts or databases: list here
  • superset
  • other: please explain ----

New User Procedure / Checklist

When adding a new user to the fundraising / fr-tech ecosystem, we have a set of places where we need to create accounts and access.


Before we can take any action to add a user, we need to verify that they are authorized to have such access. This requires confirmation from their manager and approval from the C level that access is approved.

[x] user_verification
Requires: user request
[x] access_rights: letter to C level (currently Lisa) verifying grant of access
[x] account name/contact info: verify on
[-] (if not advancement) add to okta notify list: create ITS ticket for adding to fr-tech okta notification list

Accounts and Services

[x] user account
Requires: user_verification
[x] Add the user to the users.yaml and group_members.yaml files as appropriate.
[x] Push out puppet changes.
[x] yubikey
Requires: useraccount and ITS request to send out yubikey to user
[x] physical: Make a request to ITS to have a key sent to the user
[x] account_setup: Get public side and add to puppet-private/manifests/passwords/yubico.pp
[x] follow_on: Make sure user can use yubikey for ssh access
[x] ssh
Requires: useraccount and yubikey
[x] key_setup: Send template/docs for generating keypair and ~/.ssh/config file
[x] account_setup: Get public side and add to puppet-private/secrets/ssh/default/$username
[x] follow_on: Verify user can ssh using correct creds and passphrases when needed.
[x] mysql
Requires: useraccount, yubikey, ssh
[x] account_setup
    [x] Create user block in ~/puppet-private/secrets/mysql_grants/fundraising_qa
    [x] Ensure user is in correct blocks for select rights on dbs.
        - Generally use another user in same group as a guide
    [x] Run the grant script to get the grants.
    [x] Copy/paste to execute the grants on appropriate dbs.
    [x] Create the user a ~/.my.cnf file with the original password from account creation.
[ ] follow_on: Verify user can ssh to the required host and log in to mysql.

Event Timeline

Access approved.

Date: Wed, 1 May 2024 13:59:49
From: Lisa Seitz Gruwell
To: Sam Patton
Cc: Fundraising Tech Ops
Subject: Re: Approval to give two Fundraisers yubikeys for test reporting?

Yes, approved. 

Created ITS request for yubikey.

Generated ssh key-pair. Contents of the public side of the key:

ssh-ed25519 AAAAC3NzaC1lZDI1NTE5AAAAII+Tq0YDiVT9hjG79omlUnvrrsxdk6/UGP1rlzUch6G3

Received Yubikey today, here is the public side of it:


@KMorrow-WMF Thanks. If you have set up your ssh config file as specified in you should be able to ssh frdev1002 and connect.

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Verified logins are working.

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Set up with mysql access for getting data with scripts. Ready for testing.

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Verified scripts that call mysql are working.