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How to deal with clearly bad email addresses in Civi
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We're seeing a lot of or, often cluttering up the dedupe workflow.

Since we know gmail only allows 6-30 char emails should we merge all those donors to the anonymous contact?

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This is probably a bit of a question for @SHust - I think in the past @MBeat33 was in favor of merging them into contact 72?

I'll include these unusual emails in the weekly admin deduplication task to prevent them from accumulating. However, there's an issue outlined on this ticket, where currently, we're only able to merge one set of data with the same email address. This limitation will apply to queries involving fake emails as well.

@SHust let's check in about this - need to determine whether it would be better for us to have biz rules about email addresses like this that get merged into contact 72.