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Article feedback v5 - Feedback button 'X' close box
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Mockup of proposed flyover panel above feedback button

The Feedback button 'X' close box is a little [x] link or icon that would appear for logged in users only, when they over the feedback button.

The purpose of this feature it to enable users to remove this button (as well as the article feedback forms), by changing their AFT user preference.

For logged in users, this would display a flyover panel inviting users to change their user preference to disable both AFT4 and AFT 5.

Logged out users would not see the 'X' close box at all.

Story: User closes feedback button

As a Wikipedia logged in user,

I want to make the feedback button go away

So that it doesn't clutter up my screen.


Given the user is logged in

And mouses over the feedback button to reveal 'X' box

When the user clicks on the 'X' box

Then a flyover panel appears ('Remove article feedback?')

When the user clicks on 'Remove'

Then the current browser window should display the user preferences (Appearances tab)

When the user checks (' [ x ] Don't show the Article feedback widget on pages')

Then the feedback button (or form) should no longer appear when this user is logged in, until their user preference is changed again.


This feature includes a feedback button and a flyover panel with links, as specified below.


The feedback button at the lower right of the screen will include an 'X' close box when the mouse rolls over the button:

Improve this page X


Remove Article Feedback? X
To remove this widget, go to
"My Preferences > Appearances," then check:
"Don't show the Article feedback widget"

[ Remove ] Cancel (?)


Remove / My Preferences > Appearances:

Cancel / X:
Close this flyover

( ? ):

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Severity: major
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Created attachment 10153
Mockup of the feedback button with flyover panel, with final graphics


Here is our final design for the feedback button Option E, as well as the 'X' close box that is included for that button and the flyover that appears when you click on the 'X' button.

The full specification is up on the feature requirements page:

An updated screenshot is also attached, and we will upload all the relevant graphics here as well.

In summary, logged-in users will see a small 'X' on the feedback button, as so:

"Improve this article X"

(but logged-out users will not see the "X")

Here is what you will see in the flyover if you click on the "X":

"Remove this tool? (x)

To remove Article Feedback, go to

My Preferences > Appearances,"

and check,

"Don't show the Article feedback widget"

Go to my preferences Learn more"

Please refer to the full specification on the feature requirements page:

hwalls wrote:

tool/feedback button, no X


hwalls wrote:

tool/feedback button, faint X

This is the starting state of the tool for logged-in users.


hwalls wrote:

tool/feedback button, X

This is the tool/feedback button for logged-in users hovering over the X


hwalls wrote:

flyover box


This is the wrong approach. The tab shouldn't be in the content area at all. Putting something in the way and then giving users a way to hide it is completely illogical. The right answer is to not put something in the way.

hwalls wrote:

go to preferences button


hwalls wrote:

go to preferences button, hover/click state


Created attachment 10226
UPDATED Mockup of Flyover panel above feedback button


Hi Elizabeth, as discussed, I have attached an updated mockup of the flyover panel above the feedback button, with the following changes:

  1. Remove 'Learn More' text link altogether, at Howie's request.
  1. Remove link under the words "My Preferences > Appearances", at Dario's request.

I have also updated the feature requirements page with this new mockup and revised specification:

All production graphics will remain the same, and they include a version of the 'Improve this page' button without the "X" button for logged-out users.

Note that this "X" button will also need to be added to Option A of the feedback link, which appears right below the article title. See related ticket # 34406:

Please let me know if you have any questions.


reha wrote:

Added flyover in r114064. Dario, what clicktracking events do you want set up
for the flyover?

Dario updated the clicktracking requirements for this flyover on this previous bug:

Also note that we want to remove the first link in the flyover, under the words "My Preferences > Appearances", as requested above.

Lastly, I want to remind you that we want Option E to use or match Heather Fall's graphics, as discussed in our call.

reha wrote:

Removed link in r114189

reha wrote:

Updated to match graphics in r114305