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Add talk page link for pages about to be deleted by Nuke
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User story: As an administrator, I want to know whether a page I am about to delete with Nuke has a discussion page, so that I can check it to see what content it has and confirm whether it should also be deleted.

Username search
Currently, only a page history link is provided:

Screenshot 2024-05-03 at 17.48.32.png (734×1 px, 145 KB)

We could change the (view history) link to (talk | history), with talk being a red link if the page doesn't exist.

Non-username search
For the view where a pattern (or no username) is input, the text is different:

Screenshot 2024-05-04 at 09.23.18.png (822×1 px, 242 KB)

We should unify this, and could change the line:

PAGETITLE (Created by USERNAME, view changes)


PAGETITLE (talk | history) - Created by USERNAME

Screenshot 2024-05-04 at 09.28.21.png (112×1 px, 25 KB)

This would be helpful before working on the parent task, because it will help administrators make informed decisions before selecting the option to delete associated talk pages.

This should only be the case if the page to be deleted is not already itself a discussion page.

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Scardenasmolinar changed the task status from Open to In Progress.May 5 2024, 6:54 AM
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Change #1027510 had a related patch set uploaded (by Samwalton9; author: Samwalton9):

[mediawiki/extensions/Nuke@master] Add talk page link to Nuke confirmation form

Change #1027510 merged by jenkins-bot:

[mediawiki/extensions/Nuke@master] Add talk page link to Nuke confirmation form