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Additional branch check for deploy menu
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The fun-deploy-menu uses the fundraising-infrastructure repository code on the local machine of the user in order to do a deployment.

The user could potentially have an outdated main branch / feature branch checked out for fundraising-infrastructure .
This could lead to troubles/errors when running a deployment with the helper menu.

Acceptance Criteria

  • The fun-deploy-menu code checks whether the user's local fundraising-infrastructure repo is...
    • on an outdated main branch or
    • on a feature branch
  • When the menu script detects that the main branch is not up to date, it refuses to run and displays a message like
    • "The main branch of your 'fundraising-infrastructure' is outdated, make sure to update your branch locally." (for outdated main branch)
  • When the menu script detects that a different branch than main is checked out, it displays the following menu as the first step:
    • "You're currently on a fundraising-infrastructure feature branch, do you want to continue?" "->Abort" "->Continue"