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Gadgets aren't loading CSS and JS right on Category pages
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(Screenshot provided on above link)

Normally that information comes up in a window, not as text overlaying the
other text on the page. Also, the text that pops up doesn't go away when I move
the cursor off of the link.

I'm getting the same, but mainly just on most category pages. I have hard
refreshed a page affected - no change. Turned off the gadjet, hard refreshed
and no popup as expected, turned it back on, refreshed, and back to not
working. It is the same on both Chrome and IE9 (clean ie9, never been used on
this site before so nothing to hook on). Affecting at least Vector, Nostalgia
and monobook skins

Version: 1.19
Severity: normal



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I can't reproduce this. Navigation pop-ups work fine for me on simple.wikipedia in both Firefox and Chrome. Tried it on both article and category pages. Can someone provide more specific steps to reproduce?

I was able to reproduce this earlier (when I filed the bug), but I can't now. weird. Will confirm all works with the user.

Conflicting reports, but [[simple:User:Sonia]] reports that it has been working intermittently throughout the past year. She adds: (addendum: Currently working fine in fx, not at all in IE, and not on category pages in Opera, on win7, latest versions of all. sonia♫ 00:39, 18 February 2012 (UTC))

Sounds like it's not something to really worry about for the deployment specifically!

(In reply to comment #4)

Sounds like it's not something to really worry about for the deployment

Agreed, I meant to change it from the milestone in Comment 3, but evidently didn't set it.

OK, popups are completely broken on simplewiki on any page, (other gadgets including HotCat enabled), regardless of browser, for me.

Please provide a more detailed bug report. This seems to have lost its focus completely.

Is it related to CSS, JS, Category pages, popups, simplewiki, ResourceLoader, Gadgets?

When quickly trying a few gadgets on simplewiki they appear to work fine, in all namespaces.