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Tool tip / mouse over on changed number of bytes in watchlist (saying e.g. "144 characters less")
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Author: gboussard+bugzwp

I find the increase (green) or decrease (red) in the number of bytes not self-explanatory.
I suggest a roll-over with the pointer show "144 characters less" or something alike.

Version: 1.21.x
Severity: enhancement
Whiteboard: usability



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Since r104085 there's a tooltip on those numbers saying the total size of the page.

Related URL: (Gerrit Change I9649b0edf33519b0f934ec1635438d14b4614a8d)

rohan.j.verma wrote:

I agree that using bytes instead of characters as a measurement is not clear for a lot of users. Is a simple change I made containing two new messages and adding "characters less" and "characters more" to the tooltip when you hover over a green or red number in your watchlist.
(A note: jenkinsbot doesn't like this file, I dont think its me if so could someone confirm so I could clean it.)

Change 65139 abandoned by Siebrand:
(bug 34496) Added line to watchlist tooltip displaying the difference in characters more/less. This makes the user interface more user friendly not everyone knows that a character is one byte. - added temporary variable to reduce line length - removed whi

I'm abandoning this as this change hasn't had any love in a long time. There are open comments and it doesn't merge any more. Can be restored if author wants to work on it again.

Is this task still open and has no conflicts with any other changes ? Asking because there hasn't been any activity for a long period of time.
I would like to work on it.

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