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[GOAL] Make History page show in dark mode
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It seems dark mode is enabled as default for fawiki, when I go to most pages, it's on dark mode:

grafik.png (962×1 px, 438 KB)

But not history:
grafik.png (962×1 px, 362 KB)


Is that intentional? I couldn't find any open ticket about this (sorry if I filed something you already have something for). It's a bit annoying doing navigation and suddenly going from dark to white and vice versa constantly.

I could reproduce it in beta cluster too.

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Yeh this is intentional (for now). The long term goal is to make every page themed in night mode, but since there is a huge long tail of interfaces, we need to prioritize and go through them one by one. Basically any page which has significant issues has night mode disabled.

The history page is blocked on T361717 and T363849