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This is yet another request to change the Upload file URL at eswiki, because the current one isleading to many incorrect uploads to Commons, and their people are getting mad at us :)

The current upload URL set in eswiki is <//> (requested in bug 11876) when there was no Upload Wizard. The problem is, as we do not allow to upload files locally aiming to use only free media from the Commons, many users upload non-free media for using it in eswiki, believing that we have the same policies in regarding of images as enwiki.

In the Café we decided [1] that we want to change again the upload file link so it leads to the new Upload Wizard <//> thaat has a nice infographic explaining that Commons only accepts free media, thereby alleviating potential wrong uploads (and as a bonus, possible user confusion when realizing that there are two UIs for uploading files).


Thanks in advance!

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Thank you very much :)

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