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Vector: Collapsible tabs first start from the wrong side in RTL
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Say if the tabs are [A][B] [X][Y][Z].

In LTR, it first hides Z, then Y and then X. In RTL it first hides X, Y and then Z.

If you look at the tab order in RTL, which is [Z][Y][X] [B][A], it doesn't make any sense.

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This is because for some reason Vector flips the order of the tabs in HTML, and the uses @noflip to make them float to the left even in RTL environments. This is stupid, and jquery.collapsibleTabs is getting rightfully confused.

However, fixing this properly would require simultaneous incompatible changes to HTML and CSS, which is known to cause disruption if not done right (bug 42452), and doing it right means keeping the old styles basically forever and adding some class to new HTML, which sucks.

Feel free to do that, because I'd rather not. ;)

This is not a "Major loss of function in an important area" as it's still totally functionable; changing severity back to normal.

Hiding the most important features before the less important ones is definitely a major loss in functionality.

Is this fixed? On the Hebrew Wikipedia it looks like the outermost tab is the first to be hidden.

No idea. I am sure that no one has worked on it and consciously fixed it since I last commented. (I watch all incoming patches in these areas.)