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Codex components pages: update based on usability testing results
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In T363513 we tested the Codex component pages with different types of users, including designers, developers, and other users. Based on the test results, we need to reconsider the following aspects of the Codex components pages:

  • Evaluate the visibility of the Tabs to ensure its findability if we finally use them to separate "Guidelines" and "Code" in the components pages.
  • Consider renaming the "Using" section for clarity.
  • Improve the findability of min-max limitations by including a title like "Component limitations" for easier scanning.
  • Keep the "Interaction States" section as it is since users found it helpful.
  • Include a new "See Also" section with relevant connected links.
  • Move the "Vue Props" section to the top of the "Code" tab since developers found this section as the most relevant for them.
  • Keep the configurable demo in the "Guidelines" tab but give it a clear title like "Configurable demo" or "Interactive demo" for better understanding.
  • Redesign the props configuration in the configurable demo to improve its usability, especially for non-developer users.

Acceptance criteria (or Done)