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ltwiki: Task type image-recommendation was not found in MediaWiki:NewcomerTasks.json
Closed, ResolvedPublicPRODUCTION ERROR


Task type {tasktype} was not found in {configpage}

No stack trace, but the two place that log this message are \GrowthExperiments\Api\ApiInvalidateImageRecommendation::execute and \GrowthExperiments\Api\ApiQueryImageSuggestionData::execute.

  • seems to have started on 2024-05-11
  • only on ltwiki


Request URL*&formatversion=*&generator=*&gsrlimit=*&gsrnamespace=*&gsrsearch=*&gsrsort=*&prop=*&rvprop=*&rvsection=*&rvslots=*

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Thanks for filling the task! This comes from the Add an Image feature, which is exposed in two places: Special:Homepage and Wikipedia's mobile phone app. Those two places are independent on each other, which means that Special:Homepage might not offer Add Image, but the mobile app might (or vice versa). The mobile app does use Growth's APIs for identifying the recommendations, and for informing us about decision made by the app users (this avoids the same recommendation being made both in Homepage and the app).

In this particular case, it looks like the mobile app does offer Add an Image, but it fails to get a list of suggestions, because a configuration is missing from MediaWiki:NewcomerTasks.json. As part of T341150: Ensure growthimagesuggestiondata API works on all Wikipedias, we were supposed to ensure the APIs for Add an Image work at all Wikipedias, and we did add the necessary configuration to most Wikipedias (an example), and we even added it to ltwiki, but then I managed to drop the configuration later on?

In any way: I added the config back, and things should continue to work (or at least, following the previously-failing API URL now gives me recommendations, as expected).

I tried making a couple of changes using the Special:EditGrowthConfig form at (which does not have Add Image or section images enabled), and I did not manage to remove the image-related configuration. Maybe this was a bug in EditGrowthConfig that we fixed before? Or maybe I'm not trying to reproduce the bug correctly.

Urbanecm_WMF triaged this task as High priority.

Since I fixed the reported issue, moving this to sprint and QA.

Etonkovidova subscribed.

The error stopped at Jun 3, 2024 @ 09:24:03.218 (it was 1.43.0-wmf.7, no records for wmf.8`) - the logstash link.