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Filter by patrolled-status
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Author: mmovchin

Originally reported by laaknor, Jan 1, 2009

It should be possible to filter changes by patrol-status. Wikis using
patrolling for NewPages (all Wikimedia-wikis AFAIK) and/or RecentChanges
(several Wikimedia-wikis).

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Comment 1 by ubley2286, Jan 11, 2009
feasible for queues fed from recentchanges but not arbitrary queues, as 'patrolled'
is an attribute of a recentchanges table entry, not an edit or page

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Severity: enhancement



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laaknor-wmfbugzilla wrote:

Any plans to implement this?

Patrolling is disabled on most of WMF wikis, so this feature has really very low priority

how is it easily possible to check if edit is patrolled or not, can you provide me some api's for that?
returns this:

  <recentchanges rccontinue="20140729163241|50125373" />
    <rc type="edit" patrolled="" />
    <rc type="edit" unpatrolled="" />
    <rc type="edit" patrolled="" />
    <rc type="edit" patrolled="" />
    <rc type="external" patrolled="" />

and RTRC uses this:
// Convert undefined/empty-string values from API into booleans
isUnpatrolled = rc.unpatrolled !== undefined;

well, that is something I could implement for api based RC provider, not IRC feed. Is there a way to query this for a specific revision id?

(In reply to Peter Bena from comment #6)

well, that is something I could implement for api based RC provider, not IRC
feed. Is there a way to query this for a specific revision id?

I don't know. Maybe Krinkle knows?

There should be a reliable way to verify this, if there is no such, having this option in huggle would make no sense

I think there is not a direct way to verify the patroll status. The recentchanges table is not indexed by rc_this_oldid column, so the query "SELECT * FROM recentchanges WHERE rc_this_oldid = <some id>" is lazy, and this is probably the reason why API code don't have this option. But it can be verified based in the revision timestamp.

For example we want the patroll status for the revision 39732296, the timestamp is 20140804073720, so we make the query|ids|patrolled&rctype=new|edit&rclimit=3 and get the patrolled/unpatrolled making the code look only the row where 'revid == 39732296'.

that is a pretty hacky way... inserted some API people to have a look on this

Comment 9 appears to be correct, there currently doesn't seem to be a good way to find a particular RC entry except by timestamp.

Adding an 'rcids' parameter to list=recentchanges looks like it would be easy enough, which would let you query by rc_id if you have that.

To query by rev_id, there would first need to be an index added on rc_this_oldid.

until mentioned issues are resolved (make it possible to query this information using api directly) there is no point in implementing this feature to huggle as it would be extremely complicated given lack of mediawiki functionality in this area

(In reply to Peter Bena from comment #12)

lack of
mediawiki functionality in this area

There should be a blocking bug filed against MediaWiki then...

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