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Extend others AIV Reports
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Author: vgweb

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== Reporting users/IPs glitch? ==

If me or someone else has already reported a user/IP, and I revert said
user's/IP's edits again, instead if saying "Extending report for..." like it
should, it keeps saying "The user has already been reported". Is this a bug?

  • [[User:Zhang He|Zhang He]] ([[User talk:Zhang He|talk]]) 04:26, 30 August

2009 (UTC)


Comment 3 by project member, Sep 10, 2011

I believe that this already happens when someone else has reported the user to AIV via Huggle. When another user reports the vandal in a custom format, you can't really expect Huggle to insert the vandalism links into their report with relatively proper formatting.

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Note, in Huggle 2 I believe this was possible if someone else had reported the user with Huggle as well or something like that.