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extra dimentional table sorting
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Author: nothereforever

I had desired to make a comprehensive table of chemical compounds for wikipedia (i may not come back to it). there are numerous pages containing different lists which sort by a particular property. the largest major problem is that are items missing from [all] the tables and i think the solution is ONE table. although most of these lists should be summarised by the existing "wikitable sortable", there is one type (that i can forsee) that i cannot replace, and that is sorting by components of the compound. example: i want to know which contain Hydrogen, or even oxygen.

i can see some ways this can be implimented...

number zero, since adding buttons and things is disallowed, i must request enabling a drop down box for a colum title. here i select what i want/refine my table (there are HEAPS of items).
number one, i have a hidden? column, a certain line has a string "Bi V O4" and a script is run to find all the oxygens so the O4 is found and placed to the beginning and now the table is sorted and all the Oxygens are together.
number two, a hidden? column with multiple rows (per entry) and each row contains an ingredient eg, Bi and the next is V and then O4. this is sorted and having oxygen, this would appear in the list together with any others
number three, i can impliment now, but its not practical. a column for every element and the rows contain the number of atoms. alternatively i can have the columns (hidden), but i use a sort button elsewhere on the page/in the table.

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Wondering if Wikidata could help somehow.

That's not sorting anymore, that's filtering, which is a whole another can of worms.