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Add step property to the pages tag
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Many contributors has demand a step property to the pages tag in order to include, by example, only odd pages. Here is a patch for including this in ProofreadPage.

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New patch with include and exclude

Here is an other patch with implementation of include and exclude in order to include or not a list of pages.
The syntax is like this : include="2-6,9,10-20" in order to include pages form 2 to 6, page 9 and pages form 10 to 20. It's the same for exclude.
All is backward with the existent : <pages from=1 to=10 exclude=5 step=2 /> will include pages 1, 3, 7 and 9.

All these features only work with multipages books in pdf or djvu.

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Some security enhancements


sumanah wrote:

Thanks for the patch, Thomas! I'm asking Zaran whether he could review this, and I'm marking the patch "need-review" to indicate that it awaits review.

zaran.krleza wrote:

Patch applied (with minor changes) in r113358.