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Endowment 'Thank You' email/receipt sent in English to non-English donors
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A kind donor (Zendesk 1491976 | cid 1491976) brought to our attention that their Endowment donation receipt was sent in English, even though their Civi language is Spanish/Spain.

We attempted to re-send the donation receipt in Spanish per the donor's request, however the preview dialogue shows an English-language receipt, so the request could not be completed.

I also located an Endowment donor from Japan (cid 64125014) and their receipt was sent in English, even though their Civi language is Japanese.

Could we investigate the reason why the Endowment receipts are being sent in English to these non-English donors?

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Hi @LWadleigh it looks like the Endowment TY message only exists in English and Swedish at this point. You can add new translations here:

AKanji-WMF added subscribers: CDenes_WMF, AKanji-WMF.

@LWadleigh you may want to connect with @CDenes_WMF about adding more languages - let me know if you need any help.

I'll add it to my to-do list, after the 'TY' letter revamping. Thanks, everyone!

Hello. Until now we have always been told to keep everything Endowment related to English-only.
As far as I know, we don't do Endowment fundraising in non 6C so I'm curious to know how someone in Japan was able to donate to the endowment (and I'm assuming the Spanish donor was Spanish-USA?). Any explanation?

That is what I hoped to see but after reviewing the CIDs, they are each from their respective countries!

CID 64125014
UTM Campaign: C11_Waystogive
UTM Key: otherAmt_0~time_22
Banner: Waystogive

CID 1491976
UTM Campaign: C11_Waystogive
UTM Key: otherAmt_0~ptf_1~time_54
Banner: Waystogive

Ok interesting. I'll check in with Caitlin Virtue as to if this is an intentional donor behavior. As I was always under the impression that endowment donations should be English & 6C only. Will circle back

Sorry late to this thread.

Not sure if this is helpful but we provide a link to the endowment donation form on the Japanese ways to give page (about middle ways down the page) >

Same thing with Spanish WTG (and presumably other languages?) >

I'm wondering if folks are getting to WTG either by a google search or finding it some other way and then donating to the endowment from that link on WTG page?