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Feedback form needs scrollbar so we don't hide Post button in overlay mode
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Screenshot of bug showing that the 'Post' button disappears if you add carriage returns.

If you add a lot of carriage returns in the text box of a feedback form in overlay mode, the 'Post your feedback' button disappears.

What's needed is a scrollbar, so that you can go up and down your feedback, without hiding the buttons.

See attached screenshot. I reproduced that bug on Option 2, and I believe it's also present in Option 1, though I no longer can access this overlay mode on prototype.

Here is the URL I am now using to test this:

(It is possible that the URL tags may have changed; if so, please provide the updated URL that would cause the 'Improve this page' button to display for Option 1)



P.S.: For what it's worth, here is the angry post on the AFT5 page that prompted this bug report:

Version: unspecified
Severity: major




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yoni wrote:

Proposed solution: remove jQuery.elastic in overlay mode from the textarea.

reha wrote:

Fixed in r113970 -- dropped elastic box and removed the restrictions preventing you from resizing the text area and the modal box itself. If you start typing a sermon, you are free to resize the modal box and text area to whatever sizes you like, and you'll get scrollbars on the text area if you exceed its height.

Note that because the overlay and the bottom box are in fact the same form, it will retain its expanded size if you close the modal box and scroll to the bottom of the page.