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CLDR data for relative timestamps missing for Karakalpak
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Dear developers

I faced with a problem during the translation of part of the message "MediaWiki:Discussiontools-pageframe-latestcomment/kaa" into Karakalpak (kaa) language. The message body is already translated into Karakalpak itself (including $3, $2), but the part $1(*) is still not in Karakalpak (it's still in Cyrillic Kazakh (kk-cyrl), as it's the basic language for Karakalpak, please visit this page for evidence). I tried to find everywhere, I translated in kaa whatever I found about #time #ago, but I couldn't success in changing $1 into kaa during last 6-8 months. Maybe I couldn't find the correct original message for $1. Please support to find the original link for the $1 message so that I could translate it into kaa.

(*)$1 – When the comment was posted, e.g. '1 hour ago'. This text is a link to the comment.

Message URL:

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It seems that in which is Latest comment: $1 by $2 in topic $3 in English, the relative date $1 is not correctly localized and rendered in Cyrillic instead of Latin alphabet.

I can imagine that's due to a missing translation somewhere, so kaa falls back to displaying kk instead of en.

Pppery renamed this task from [[MediaWiki:Discussiontools-pageframe-latestcomment/kaa]] translation issue to CLDR data for relative timestamps missing for Karakalpak.Sat, Jun 29, 3:53 PM

Dear @Pppery, thank you for involving in and wasting your time for this investigation.
You explained everything very clearly, it was very helpful to us.
So, as we see, Karakalpak language is introduced in CLDR very poorly. And, as I checked after you had linked to there, so many values should be added/translated.
Now I requested an account on CLDR, so that I could develop Karakalpak locale there in the future (I know it takes months, as CLDR allows to make changes only two times per year).
So now first we should work on CLDR.
Thank you and best regards.

As an update, I created the account and luckily we were still in time for this round of submissions (CLDR 46). It's always a good time to ask a CLDR account from me! Six months tend to fly by.